Ez2Remind - the handy assistant
- the handy assistant

Reminders - So Simple, So Easy and Handy!

Reminder   is a quick and easy way for sending yourself and others event, appointment and birthday reminders through text message alerts and/or email alerts.

Just give your reminder a name, add an optional description, then select the date and time of the event or appointment.

    Additional Features
  • Schedule recurring reminders
  • Schedule multiple reminders for the same event
  • Add event to calendar with no reminder
  • Send group reminders to multiple people in your AddressBook
  • Send a reminder as an email or SMS text message or both


Add Event page

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Want a print out to hang on the refrigerator? Reminders are also provided in a printable calendar or as a printable list

Reminders List

Plan Options:
Free:   Try us out with 5 free reminders per month!
Premium:   An unlimited number of reminders at a low cost of $2 per month!

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